What is BOLD ?

BOLD is open to all legally blind people. Event participation is free. BOLD’s purpose is to allow the blind and visually impaired to experience outdoor sports and leisure activities while developing their social and athletic skills. .

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Using a Screen Reader to Navigate Landmarks

JAWS: Use the semicolon ( ; ) key to go forward through landmarks, or shift + semicolon to go backward. NVDA: Use the "d" key to go forward through landmarks, or shift + d to go backward VoiceOver: Control + Option + right arrow (until "Landmarks" shows), then use the down or up arrows to navigate the list.

ARIA, the accessibility specification, only works on some of the latest screen readers and browsers. It does not work with all AT (Assistive Technologies). There is no support for speech recognition software such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Window-Eyes and ZoomText have limited support. Worse, some stuff such as an asterisk, is announced differently in NVDA than JAWS. Please give your feedback on how this web site works for you so we may improve.